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December 31st, 2009 by Null Session · 3 Comments

I’m Nullsession. This is my space (not MySpace) where I try to make sense of society; in particular, issues regarding computer security, science, astronomy and our obsession with religion.

I am a scientist, a hacker, a person who tries to piece together some evidence for how things work. I solve puzzles. I watch trends. I cynically point out the foibles of large groups of people who might very well have show up on my doorstep with pitchforks and torches, were this not so long ago in history. I wonder, ponder and pontificate. I try to share my point-of-view. The Universe is all about perspective, you see. No matter where you are, your perspective of space-time is unique.

I like to watch, as a not-so-famous man (whom others thought was famous) once said. I watch as events unfold. I watch how people react. I look for changes, trends, distinctions. Sometimes I try to explain what’s happening to others. Often pointlessly, I plead for sanity in an insane and chaotic world. More often, I notice nodal points, where events occur and change happens. Once in a while, I nudge things, to try and encourage positive changes, like my friend Colin Laney. Ultimately, I am an outsider; an observer with a pen and pad, just taking notes and mostly being ignored by the humans.

I teach science and ethics, and try to make a difference that way. I have three basic areas of focus, in my life: promoting science education, promoting skepticism and sharing my experience as a security professional. I volunteer for various organizations, and server on various peer committees and boards. I try to find time to be creative and write for fun, but I usually am too overcommitted and stressed out. Such is life. I’ll have lots of time to rest, when I am dead and buried. And, yes, I do believe that death is the end of a life, and subscribe to no afterlife or intervening angels or demons to rescue me from my mortal coil, or mollycoddle me for eternity if I follow their rules.

Frankly, I don’t pay attention to politics as much as I used to. After enough election cycles, cynicism sets in and you realize that all change is incremental and most of it will happen, regardless of who wins. Still, when public policy intersects with science education, or when it seems to promote bad science or blurs the line between government and religion, I am compelled to stand on my soapbox and speak up.

Why the mystery? Admittedly it is partially my tendency to be theatrical, and certainly is not because I am afraid that an arch-nemesis will target my loved ones for reprisal. Mostly because I want to establish a persona that is very open and not shy about giving an opinion. I recognize that in other circles, I will present myself more straight-laced, and I know that there is enough overlap that everyone can find this site easily, if they wish. However, there are times when I want to spout off or get personal or leverage satire, and this site is suitable for that. This is my true home and I will always return here. On other sites, I will be clear and concise and stick to specific topics. There’s really no mystery after all.

A blog, such as this, is a convenient place to be capricious or collude. I can rant, rave or recant, as appropriate. I use these pages to think through things, to talk aloud, to reach conclusions; not just to hear myself speak. Writing is cathartic, and sometimes others benefit from my words and reasoning. Often times, I will learn, after exploring a topic ad nauseum. Over time, my view of the world is less monochromatic, and my interpretations and opinions change. We all should strive to understand the world around us, a little better as we grow older, for learning and introspection is the only way that we can improve as people. I suffer from ignorance as much as the next person, but I’m doing everything I can to keep from letting this affliction become fatal.

As a whole and chronologically, it approximates my journey over the last decade or so, and yet at the same time, it is often missing very large pieces. I am very willing to make this site more interactive, and to have dialogue with others, yet in absentia, I am quite willing to sit in this cave alone and bark at the thunder.