Weekly Twitterings for 2012-05-13

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  • I got a little more sleep last night and feel rested. Ready to solve the world's problems, from Cincinnati today! #
  • Just enteren Kentucky. Is the motto "Unbridled Spirit" or "Unblended Spirits" that sign went by too fast. #
  • @JakeOSmith :) Kentucky looks nice. I should find a reason to visit more than the airport sometime! #
  • I went through airport security with friends who were going on United. I forgot to take my laptop out and had a pop in my bag! D'oh! #
  • I asked a TSA lady how to get to my Delta gate and she told me to walk to the other concourse and go through security again. LOL #CVG #
  • In Detroit airport, heading to love tunnel. #
  • Back on Terra Firma, in Moline. Nice to return from travels. :) #
  • News from @AP: Calif. group gives Texas dog national hero award. http://t.co/wSxvtqRc #
  • RT @BoingBoing: LEGO Replicas of Four of the World's Most Impressive Guns http://t.co/oDBFQIDS – You could assemble on the plane, huh? #
  • The Avengers was a fun distraction. Thanks for inviting me Kirk! #
  • I have a fair amount of course work to do this weekend, but also a bunch of yard work, cleaning and laundry. Oh, and drinking and fire… #

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