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Welcome to the 133th edition of the Carnival of the Godless, January 17, 2010. This edition is being hosted by Null Session. Please consider adding this blog to your blogroll, and follow Nullsession on Twitter.

Let me start off by saying how excited I am to be hosting this installment of the CotG. This is more than a self-serving attempt to drive traffic to my website, this is an opportunity to share some articles from some excellent atheist blogs! Let me put a plug in for Mojoey’s excellent blog, Deep Thought, where he maintains an atheist blogroll. If you have an atheist blog, or just happen to write on the topic from time to time, consider adding yourself to this list!

Before I get to this week’s submissions, let me share a few of my own articles. These recent articles explore topics directly or somewhat related to the religious debate, and the effect that zealots and fervent religious “moralists” have on our society. In searching for material for this week’s blog posting, I came across many very offensive websites that consider non-thesist, gays and those they simply disagree with as some kind of “liberal sodomites”. Can you believe that in 2010, we still have the kind of bigotry that uses such derisive language as “sodomites”? Back in September, 2009, I was holding our second Quad City Atheists meet-up, when a teabagger rally formed around us. It was either a big coincidence, or the “will of God”, but in either case, I couldn’t let people with signs proclaiming Obama was the moral equivalent of Hitler go unchallenged. I put on my “No God” t-shirt and our group made some signs and we infiltrated the group. When we suggested that government should be more secular, we were informed with a straight face that this was a “Christian nation” founded on “Christian principles” and we could either shut up or leave. I was stunned. This nation is still filled with those who think free speech applies to those who agree with their philosophy only. Please take a look at this excellent Comedy Central excerpt from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, if you want to understand a little better how these self-proclaimed patriots have an unrealistic and nostalgic view of a time in the past when “America was good and moral”. [ link ] Every generation feels that society is eroding, when in reality, it is just changing. It’s up to us if it changes in a positive way. I happen to believe, on the whole, progress in human rights, rights of women, gays and minorities is a positive thing. At no time in history have we had the freedoms and liberties that most people enjoy today. Even in repressive third-world nations, progress is being made. It’s very sad that so many people are deluded into believing that everything would be so much better, if only they could go back to the “cherished days of their childhood”.

Posts from Null Session:

  • Let me start off with an article I called Losing My Religion. This post shows that the number of acknowledged non-believers is on the rise. These are encouraging statistics!
  • In this next post, Primitive Religion, I take a look at mainstream religion and how it both lampoons and resembles our most primitive and superstitious religious beliefs.
  • In The Dark Ages & Religion, I take a historical look at religion, and why it served a purpose during the Dark Ages, and why it’s so difficult to combat today.
  • When people need to accept two differing views on morality, they suffer from a sort of schizophrenia. They are forced to hold conflicting ideas in their heads at the same time. On the one hand, societal mores, laws and ethics provides one set of “right”, yet they must accept the behavior of the Bible’s God, who behaves unethically, and accept that it is correct: The Situational Ethics & Selective Rationality of Religion.
  • I explore the claim that believers are happier and healthier than the average atheist or skeptic, and discuss the harmful consequences of believing outrageous claims, in What Harm, Belief?
  • In Heaven, Hell & Heathens, I rant on about how believers justify their beliefs, and offer an example dialogue between an atheist and believer.

Andrew Bernardin presents a thoughtful look at the ways that religion can be used for “good or bad”. [I think that once you’ve read his article, there’s really no point in spending $10 for a ticket to see The Book of Eli.]
Religion — Good or Bad? posted at The Evolving Mind.

Signý provides sage advice on, How to Quit Islam in an excellent post on Here in Glitnir.

Archvillain discusses how religious leaders, like Pat Robertson, embody the worst that religion has to offer when they espouse hate and bigotry in his post, The Anthropomorphization of Stupidity posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good. He asks, “Why hasn’t this pinhead been locked up or committed?” I can only hope that the day comes when these people are treated with anti-psychotic drugs or locked up behind bars for the betterment of a rational society!

In a second submission, Archvillain presents Hearts and Minds posted at A Dark and Sinister Force for Good. In this post, he uncovers a racist agenda in how the religious right attempts to selectively edit textbooks and change everyone else’s view of reality to agree with their archaic dogma.

Jake explores several more productive ways to spend your weekend than wasting it on religious pursuits, in his post, 5 Reasons Why Religion is a Waste of Time posted at Your Best WeekendJake explains, “This is not an article against faith or deities or anything supernatural. This is a criticism of religion and how much of its followers’ time it wastes.” I agree. This is a good site for approaching your weekend in a positive way!

Ron Britton presents Pray 4 Trig an article posted at his blog Bay of Fundie. This is an excellent atheist website to follow, and this post takes a look at why Prayer and the logic of believers fails big time.

Marc takes a look at the male-centered nature of Christianity in his post, A Man’s God Comments posted at Desertscope. (He comments, “My first version (from last spring) was a little vulgar, so I cleaned it up for general consumption.”) :-)

Many of us know vjack from his excellent website and from Twitter. In this article, he discussed the boundary of church and state, in a post titled, Church-State Violators Count on Our Apathy posted at Atheist Revolution.

Ken, the Arizona Atheist reviews and refutes the book, “Answering the New Atheism: Dismantling Dawkins’ Case Against God” by Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker in his post, Answering the New Atheism, by Scott Hahn & Benjamin Wiker: A Refutation posted at ARIZONA ATHEIST.

Paul Fidalgo is the Secular writer for In this article, he reviews Karen Armstrong’s latest book, ‘The Case for God’. Book review: ‘The Case for God’ is a case not made posted at

Arian Adams attends a Christmas Eve church service and relates the tale of, An Hour of Prayer for a Lifetime of Sin posted at The Dumbass Chronicles.

Let me conclude with my good friend, Jack. He goes by Naon Tiotami, on his blog, Homologous Legs, The Evidence for a Common Ancestor Between Tables and Chairs. I often enjoy sitting back with a nice cup of warm Bosco and reading this young guy in Australia get on the court with creationists and serve them a fast tennis ball of reason, with topspin and watch them stand dumbfounded as he dishes out one factual ace after another like a young atheistic Rod Laver. Add his site, and follow him on Twitter!

First up, Naon Tiotami tackles no small topic, when he turns the table on the creationists in, The Intelligent Design Falsifiability Myth? posted at Homologous Legs. Yes, Virginia, some of what the Intelligent Design and Young Earth Creationists claim is bullshit, and they need to be called on it.

Another of Naon Tiotami’s recent posts takes a look at 2009 in, The Discovery Institute – A Digital Year in Review also posted at Homologous Legs.

That concludes this edition. I hope you’ve found these articles interesting, and please do make an effort to leave comments on the blog postings and follow some of these sites!

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