Splendid Ignorance

June 6th, 2008 by Null Session · 353 words Comments Off
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When I see something that just doesn’t fit with the natural world as we observe it, and when it doesn’t make rational sense, it upsets me physically. Such is looking at Ptolemey’s epicycles, but at least Ptolemey was trying to find a geometric model that fit the data better than prevailing heliocentric models. I have to give him credit, but it still hurts to look at epicycles. Sorry, that’s just me.

Speaking of epicycles… Evan, over at Rogues Gallery, wrote about some junk mail he got. Boy golly, he isn’t kidding about it being junk. The Geocentric Bible Foundation of Hugoton, Kansas sent him a flyer that attempted to refute the past 400 years of “heliocentric propaganda” and settle the controversy once and for all, the old fashioned way, by quoting the bible. Ha! This reminds me of the “Flat Earthers” who really seem to believe the Earth is flat, and there is a big conspiricy covering up the fact. People who blindly believe we should accept the earth is flat, and reject the heliocentric model are fundies who really, really take the bible too literally!!

Having someone suggest that we have no evidence that the Sun is at the center of the solar system, and that we return to the “good old days” when the Earth was the stationary center of the Universe makes me laugh. But, I feel a real rising of my gorge, and quickly get a migraine when reading the drivel spoonfed to children who don’t know any better by the likes of Ken Ham. Thanks to “Elles” blog for directing me to Ken Ham’s “Dinosaurs and the Bible” page, but I also am mad because I read it and my stomach is upset, and right before the weekend! I fear I will have to go home and mow and sweat like crazy in 95 degree heat to sweat out all the toxic creationist reasoning that makes my brain scream!

I can’t continue…. I must find something to distract me from this painful, circular, fact-free type of reasoning that the “young Earth” creationists spout. It’s good that others feel the same way!

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