Solar Power

October 22nd, 2008 by Null Session · 227 words Comments Off on Solar Power
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Did you see that? An atom bomb. Pretty amazing, huh? So you think humans are hot shit, don’t you? Oooh, la la…. We have the bomb. Well, it ain’t nothing compared to the real thing. Nature trumps our puny attempts at power with something so freakin’ amazing that it makes us look like amateurs. You know that big glowing ball in the sky? It’s the Sun. It’s 330,000 times as massive as the Earth. Let that sink if for a minute. You could fit a million Earths inside the volume of the Sun. At its hot, dense core, Hydrogen atoms are fusing together to form Helium atoms and giving off the energy equivalent to BILLIONS of atom bombs every second. On our best, most awe inspiring day, at our most powerful, we humans are a puny and pale imitation of Nature. See the awesome power that is our Sun!

The solar wind, flares and coronal mass ejections. (The disk of the sun is blocked so you can see the corona and solar wind better.) Source,

* Did I mention that there are some truly mind shattering stars out there, hundreds of times larger than our Sun? Yeah. Get used to it. The Universe is huge and we are small and weak. Watch a huge star die a violent death if you want to see “shock and awe”, baby!

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