A Time for Nukes

October 1st, 2008 by Null Session · 174 words Comments Off on A Time for Nukes
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Given all the hype surrounding climate change worries, rising gas prices and improved technology, 3 out of 4 Americans now support building new nuclear power plants and continue to develop Yucca Mountain for long-term nuclear waste storage. Instead of nuclear power being relegated to the back burner because we have cheap and plentiful oil, we are now having to face the reality that nuclear power is proven, safe and a technology we can exploit to start us down the road of independence from dependence on fossil fuels this century. Nuclear power will help energize our economy as well, at a time we need it.

In the next century, when we all fly and have genetically engineered super-powers we won’t need fossil fuels or nuclear power, but in the short-term it makes a lot of sense. Maybe the politicians can help make nuclear plants a reality in the next decade, and short-cut the long process it takes to approve and build these plants. It’s time for action, folks, let’s stop dragging our feet!

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